Emotional Intelligence is what we are about. Our consulting and people development solutions are embedded with Emotional Intelligence, fusing the latest in neuroscience with the skills required for high performance. Our solutions provide your organization and employees with insights into their behaviours,  and the impacts on performance.  We also provide them with the tools to support personal and professional development.

We use metrics throughout our consulting process. These provide data to maximize your success and optimise your investment. Combined with the above is our way of patterning with you to co-create powerful change. The result? Optimal performance.

Consulting and People Development solutions include:

  • Competency Framework and Assessment design and development
  • Integrating Competency Framework into the people management streams
  • Culture change
  • Organisation, individual and team assessments
  • Customised organisation and team performance dashboards and reporting
  • One-to-one debrief sessions
  • Executive coaching
  • Team effectiveness coaching
  • Experiential workshops

Because learning and change are closely linked, we use the Six Seconds Change MAP as a structure for all our interventions. This ensures that we create learning opportunities that result in ‘hot cognition’, a highly activated brain state where thinking is accelerated and deepened because the learner is fully involved.