Increasing complexity demands increased capability.  If we want leaders who can navigate through today’s challenges, foster innovation, and create an organizational culture people thrive, we need to equip them with the skills and tools of emotional intelligence.

Through our partnership with Six Seconds we have a practical, scientific global solution to bring the latest in neuroscience to leadership: the People Management Toolbox. This provides leaders with important insights into how people work – and processes to improve their own performance, to coach individuals and to improve teams.

The process starts with an engaging, powerful day of facilitated learning. Following this, participants are handed a Toolbox enabling them to use the same tools they have just experienced themselves.

The People Management Toolbox includes:

  • Key Concepts – just enough data about the brain and how people work
  • Applications – actionable step-by-step ‘maps’ of new management processes
  • Tools – instructions and guidelines for using the Brain Profiles and downloadable tools

Supporting the process is an eLearning course and a platform to deliver the Brain Styles, Brain Talent and Brain Discovery Profiles, as well as the Dashboard – all of which are at the heart of the toolbox.

The breakthrough here is the shift from ‘training’ to ‘tools’. This scientific and practical application of Emotional Intelligence equips leaders with resources they can actually use to build thriving organisations where talented people can be and do their best.