We have 'enabling people to power growth '  down to a science: neuroscience and the study of behaviour.


Using science-based tools we give clients their own behavioural data.  We bring the data to life for them in the context of where they are and where they want to go.  Then we design practical solutions to help them achieve their desired results:

  • DynamicConsulting - Supporting our clients in driving transformation, whether that be articulating people management strategies, designing competency frameworks, transforming culture to create a climate for engagement, or designing specific interventions for change.
  • DynamicCoaching - We empower people to explore own potential. We align personal goals with organisational strategy. We correlate individual and business expectations in three core areas: ability, engagement, intention.
  • DynamicDevelopment - We build on people’s strengths. We provide learning perspectives aligned with business strategy. We combine cool neuroscience and research to deliver today the skills required tomorrow.
  • DynamicIntelligence - Leveraging technology and connecting with people to make change happen. Ask us about the one of a kind virtual coach app SproutOwl - supporting individuals and organisations through sustainable growth.
  • DynamicTools - Using science based, statistically validated tools to gather data for creating intelligent solutions.  Collect pre- and post-data to measure success.