Performance is multi-dimensional and impacts outcomes throughout the organisation.  When you want optimal performance, you need to know where to focus to make improvements, and exactly what improvements are required.  We use the Vital Signs (VS) tools to collect data and gain insight into performance, assessing the five key drivers: motivation, teamwork, execution, change all underpinned with trust. 

For an organisation, team or leader to perform successfully, each of these five drivers requires attention with a focus on long-term strategy, short-term execution, the people involved and the systems and process that focus externally on the organisation’s customers.

We also use the SEI Assessment tools to measure emotional intelligence skills in the organization and the impact on performance outcomes, such as: effectiveness, relationships, well being and quality of life.

Insights into performance, at any level, can identify obstacles and opportunities and create the motivation and engagement for change.

Our tools include:

  • Organisation, Team and/or Leadership Vital Signs assessments, 360 optional
  • SEI self-assessment, debrief and coaching; 360 optional
  • HR (High Return) Report
  • Team/Group Dashboards
  • Brain Profile assessments
  • Brain Talent assessments
  • People Management Toolbox



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