Behavior is deeply entrenched within our neural networks. Change requires a process of rewiring the brain, which doesn’t happen overnight.  Positive and sustainable change occurs when the emotional transition of the individuals is supported.

Our ability to prepare change makers to lead change using emotional intelligence skills and tools means your business transformation strategies are super charged for success.  It means that the drivers of performance can be led with intention and focus to achieve stronger, sustainable results.

Ultimately, change is a dynamic, iterative process of learning and the most significant change occurs with ongoing support and opportunities to demonstrate the adapted behaviours.

Development Focus

Adaptability: Demonstrates flexibility and open-mindedness when faced with changes in work expectations and environment.

Leadership: Drives business results by aligning the vision, mission and values to enhance business result. Is able to enlist the cooperation of others, while leveraging their skills and abilities, to achieve the desired results.

Navigate Emotions: Able to manage feelings to assess the wisdom and energy they offer to maintain balance in times of complexity.

Risk Tolerance: Handles complexity by focusing on the future potential and taking charge of personal emotional energy.

Resilience: Overcomes obstacles by identifying opportunities and taking ownership of solutions.

Strategic Agility: Able to continuously adapt strategic direction of the core business as a result of changing circumstances, and build innovative ways to create value for an organisation

  • Blended learning journeys, co-created with clients to include specific contextual influences focusing on unique organisational needs
  • The Inside Path to Change workshop
  • Organisation, Team and/or Leadership Vital Signs assessments
  • SEI self-assessment, debrief and coaching; 360 optional
  • Team/Group Dashboards
  • People Management Toolbox
  • Coaching
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