Technical expertise alone is not enough to thrill customers and create a loyal following. Customer service is an experience. It can’t be measured or weighed. It’s more emotional, than rational. Customers are the purpose for the work an organisation performs. Providing exceptional levels of customer service, building trusting relationships and promoting customer loyalty requires high levels of self-awareness, insightfulness and empathy. It’s no wonder an organisation can struggle with delivering excellent customer service – it’s very complex!

Developing Emotional Intelligence throughout the organisation, to positively impact each internal and external interaction, is the key to unlocking powerful customer service. Knowing the connection between thought, feelings and actions, combined with the ability to navigate own and others’ emotions helps create behaviours that result in loyalty and customer advocacy.

Development Focus

Accountability: Holds self and others accountable for measurable high-quality, timely, and cost effective results. Determines objectives, sets priorities, and delegates work. Accepts responsibility for mistakes. Complies with established control systems and rules.

Customer Service: Anticipates and meets the needs of both internal and external customers. Delivers high-quality products and services. Demonstrates the commitment to continuous improvement.

Empathy: Recognises and appropriately responds to others’ emotions, building trust and significant relationships.

Engage Intrinsic Motivation: Develops and utilises lasting inner drivers, challenging the status quo, taking risks, and persevering when the going is tough to inspire that in others.

Initiative: Does more than is required or expected in the job to improve or enhance products and services, avoid problems, or develop entrepreneurial opportunities. Plans ahead for upcoming problems or opportunities and takes appropriate action.

Interpersonal Communication: Displays the consistent ability to build solid relationships of trust and respect inside and outside of the organisation by empathic and active listening supported by meaningful oral presentation.

Intrinsic Motivation: Energised and committed to doing more than the minimum requirement

Navigate Emotions: Able to manage feelings to assess the wisdom and energy they offer to maintain balance in times of complexity.

Problem Solving & Decision Quality: Uses analysis, wisdom, experience and logical methods to make effective decisions and solve difficult problems; appropriately incorporates multiple inputs to establish shared ownership and effective action.

Resilience: Managing emotions while absorbing disruptions

  • Blended learning journeys, co-created with clients to include specific contextual influences focusing on unique organisational needs
  • At The Heart of Service workshop
  • Service Leadership workshop
  • SEI self-assessment, debrief and coaching; 360 optional
  • Organisation, Team and Leadership Vital Signs assessments, debrief and coaching; 360 optional
  • Brain Profile assessments
  • Brain Talent assessments
  • Brain Discovery assessments
  • People Management Toolbox


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