Recruiting and selecting talent is tricky, and mistakes costly. Even the most experienced interviewer can face difficulty distinguishing between those who are merely strong at interviewing and those who will actually perform as required.

The trick to great interviewing, to ensure a realistic view of each candidate, can be done by combining two techniques. The first is behavioural interviewing, which is based on solid neuroscience and the premise that a person’s past performance is the best indication of future performance. The second is to employ a tool to add depth to this approach allowing the interviewer to ask person-specific questions to uncover their brain style, talents and performance outcomes in relation to the needs of the position.

It’s a well-evidenced fact that people with higher levels of emotional intelligence out-perform those with lower levels. It makes sense therefore, when recruiting, selecting, and promoting, to do this with, and for, Emotional Intelligence to ensure ‘best fit’ and increase the chances of employing – or promoting – the right individuals.

Development Focus

Behavioural Interviewing Techniques: Formulates and uses person-specific questions effectively to predict future performance in relation to the needs of the position.

Connection: Builds rapport by opening up and mirroring the emotions of others.

Data Mining: Knows what is important, by noticing clues, seeing patterns within the context, and filtering out the inessential.

Emotional Insight: Understands others by sensing their emotions and interpreting that data.

  • Recruiting and Selecting with EQ workshop
  • Profilers’ workshop
  • Brain Discovery assessment
  • People Management Toolbox
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