The majority of sales are not lost due to a lack of technical knowledge. More often than not, sales professionals lose business due to a lack of appropriate sales techniques and behaviours. Sales success is a blend of up-to-date technical specificities of industry and products, core sales competencies and behaviours that draw customers in, not away.

Building and maintaining relationships, active listening and overcoming objections are key skills directly linked to sales success – and all are driven by emotions. Emotions are particularly important in sales because of the need to engage, understand and motivate customers. Emotional Intelligence helps sales professionals to become authentic in their conversations with clients and create positive relationships.

Sales professionals with high levels of Emotional Intelligence manage their interactions with customers in a more effective manner. Understanding how others feel, help sales professional manage relationships and sales situations more successfully and more effectively. Emotionally intelligent sales people are self-aware, socially skilled, empathic, resilient, self-motivated, confident, intuitive, and read other people’s emotions very well.

Development Focus

Empathy: Recognises and responds appropriately to others’ emotions, building trust and significant relationships

Engage Intrinsic Motivation: Develops and utilises lasting inner drivers, challenging the status quo, taking risks, and persevering when the going is tough to inspire that in others.

Interpersonal Communication: Displays the consistent ability to foster relationships of trust and respect inside and outside of the organisation by empathic and active listening.

Motivation: Energised and committed to doing more than the minimum requirement

Problem Solving and Decision Making: Uses analysis, wisdom, experience, and logical methods to make effective decisions and solve difficult problems; appropriately incorporates multiple inputs to establish shared ownership and effective action.

Resilience: Overcomes obstacles by identifying opportunities and taking ownership of solutions.

  • At the Heart of Sales workshop for sales executives/professionals
  • SEI self-assessment, debrief and coaching; 360 optional
  • Brain Profile assessments
  • Brain Talent assessments
  • Brain Discovery assessments
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