Visioning is a systems thinking leadership approach that enables and empowers leaders to make better decisions, solve problems and improve relationships with others. It is a sure-fire way to get clear about the future you want and is the key to an organisation’s uniquely successful community.

The vision for your company should be strongly supported by a more targeted strategy at each business level and should not be so restrictive that it limits your team’s imagination.

Finding the right balance between vision, the strategies that support it, and the freedom to be creative and imaginative in bringing the vision to life is the challenge for organisations.

Development Focus

Adaptability: Demonstrates flexibility and open-mindedness when faced with changes in work expectations and environment.

Design: Creates clarity of direction, considering both the long-term and current reality.

Entrepreneurship: Builds a path toward the vision, seeing the future and finding energy to take steps toward it today.

Emotional Intelligence: Blending emotions and thinking to make optimal decisions.

Focus: Maintains clarity about what matters, using internal drive and linking it to long-term vision.

Imagination: Envisions the unknown, blending emotional openness with cognitive clarity.

Leadership: Consistently directs situations and inspires people for an all-win environment. Communicates a compelling and inspired vision or sense of core purpose; makes the vision owned by everyone; can inspire and motivate entire units or organisations.

Prioritising: Decides what is important, evaluates the options and considers best results against the constraints.

Strategic Agility: Able to continuously adjust and adapt strategic direction in core business as a result of changing circumstances; devises innovative ways to create value for an organisation.

  • Vision, mission and values workshops to define organisational strategy
  • Customised innovation workshops using client specific contextual references
  • Organisation, Team and Leadership Vital Signs assessments, debrief and individual/group coaching
  • SEI self-assessment, debrief and coaching; 360 optional
  • Group Dashboards
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