We were founded in Knowledge Village, now Dubai Knowledge Park, in 2004. We continue to expand our reach across the borders of the Middle East.

There really isn't one! But one thing they do have in common is the desire to create positive change to drive performance through developing their organisation and people. We've partnered with a variety of organisations, from local firms to multi-national companies, across all sectors.

Engagements have taken us from the UAE to Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Turkey, Jordan and KSA. Our multinational consultants, facilitators and coaches are able to travel throughout the region, and beyond.

We believe in designing solutions that are as unique as each of our clients. Our consulting and our people development engagements start with a preliminary assessment to uncover the current performance realities, and strengths and obstacles to success. We use these results to create solutions and interventions, mindful of contextual influences, to reach the established goals. We have embedded the Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence model into how we operate, and by extension, employ their tools into the interventions we design. In addition, we use other tools, such as Belbin, when appropriate to the needs of our clients.

Our consultants, coaches and facilitators are dedicated, passionate professionals with a wealth of practical business experience. They all hold specialised accreditations in their relevant fields. For example, SEI Assessor, VS Consultant, EQ Trainer, and ICF certified coach.

We have more than a decade of experience in the region and in-depth knowledge of developing organisations and people within the multi-cultural business environment. We have multilingual facilitators and coaches, and our products are available in multiple languages, including Arabic.

Our recommendation always is to conduct assessments and establish measures both before and after interventions in order to measure results related to business objectives. We can also link results to our client's internal measurements and develop customised reporting. The tools that we use are statistically validated and normed for demographic groups.

Our assessments exist in multiple languages, including Arabic and Arabic speaking facilitators and coaches are available.

Our goal is to help our clients evolve and make their growth and enhanced performance sustainable.  We are in it for the long run. As partners in creating our clients' success, we do what is required to keep moving forward.  That can be auditing measurements and reporting, or reassessment, individual coaching, group coaching and continuous learning workshops in order to enhance the transfer of learning and minimise learning "scrap".

Every consulting engagement is unique and we honour that in the design of our solutions. Our fees are dependent on the type of consulting engagement, the tools used, and the amount of customisation required (measurement and reporting, as examples). We have daily rates, and rates for various interventions. We're more than open to discussing your needs and determining fees accordingly.

Cost is dependent on the scope of the intervention. Factors to consider include type of interventions and tools used, number of participants and the duration.

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