In the space of a little over a decade, our Executive Partner, Jayne Morrison, transformed Dynamic Learning from a fledgling kitchen-based business to a highly respected multi-faceted Emotional Intelligence consultancy.

In 2015, Liana Bagworth joined Dynamic Learning as Managing Partner, overseeing the operations. She shares the same passion and vision for performance excellence and further developing Dynamic Learning as the premier Emotional Intelligence consultancy globally.  Liana is now a co-owner in Dynamic Learning and Jayne focuses on her position as Regional Director, Middle East, Africa & India for Six Seconds.

Dynamic Learning makes a difference in the world through connection. Connecting with you about what is important, and what is challenging you. Connecting neuroscience and research to practical applications that meet your needs. Connecting with what is relevant about performance today and for the next 5 years. And connecting with partners who provide the unique tools that help us enable you.